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A Community for Clubs.
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Posted by: mysh 08/17/05

Please welcome our temporary helpers!  They were kind enough to help us sort out the remaining notes, as well as weed out old dead clubs.  Show them your love!

:iconrevanrockinfreak: :iconfuriana: :icontattiana:

I believe that was it...but I might have missed someone.  If I did, just...send a note, and we'll add you :D Thank you guys for all the help!  

I am also in the process of perfecting the journals so they're easier to navigate, and find the clubs you're looking for.  And so they'll look neater.  

On a side note, we appear to have a ton of competition.  I've been looking through them, and they're all pretty good, but wouldn't it suck if one of them just copied OUR list?  That would be very very sad. And pathetic.

Posted by: mysh 08/16/05

Guess what, we're back!  Here's what I've acomplished in the llast three/four hours:

+Organized 400+ Notes into their respective categories.  I recomend we do that first all the time now.  Makes everything easier.

+Added 150+ groups. (Hours and hours and hours of work)

This is what I plan to do in the next few days:

+Add the remaining 248 clubs to the list.

+ Finish a new deviation!  A little FAQ on how to start your very own club!

+Beautify the categories.  I'm going to need another WEEDER .  Contact me(mysh) for more info.

And that is all.

Posted by: ebonred 02/09/05

I am going to have to really stress that we communities administrators want the titles of the notes to be exactly the catagory name that you are submitting to. Nothing more, nothing less. We still have more than 80 notes to go through plus more just keep coming in, so please please PLEASE just put the exact catagory name for the title in your note. What that means is if you are for example submitting into Anime and Manga - PUT THAT ONLY IN THE TITLE OF THE NOTE. Not New Yaoi Club! or Awesome RPG group!. That kind of stuff belongs in the description part only, NOT THE TITLE.

On a side note, I have designed and added new banners into the Cartoons/Comics and Anime/Manga sections. Please check them out. I want to encourage other deviants to help us  design banners corresponding to the different catagories we have. Please keep them 400x75 pixels.

Also since communities is a subscribed account I am trying to make use of the subscriber features. Since no commenting is allowed in the journals you may leave comments in the Communties Forum. Please use the forum and the topics that I have already designated there.

Thank you!

Anime & Manga


Cartoons & Comics


Furries and Anthro



Nature and Animals

Helping and Promoting Deviants

Specific Types of Artists

Countries, Nationalities & Cities

Movies, Books & Television

Fantasy, Mythology, Rituals, Dreams, Astrology

Clothes,Food & Sexuality

Special People


Everything Else

Important! Please read through this before you submit.  Notes that do not follow the rules will be DELETED See Sample Note Below!!!

:pointr: Send a Note:

Comments on our page will be ignored. We are very strict about this.

:pointr: The Subject:

In the subject/title area of your note please only denote the catagory you want your club to be in,  because we don't want to miscatagorize your club. So that means if you want your club to be in "Anime and Manga" Then put that as the subject. Do not put something like "Plz add R club!!!!11!!1". Those will be DELETED w/o even being read!

:pointr: Description:

15  words or less.   "This is what my club is dedicated to"

:pointr: No Icons!

No icons/avatars. Only use devLinks, they look like this w/o the spaces : devName :

:pointr: Do NOT bother the Administrators at their personal accounts!

Please be considerate and keep your inquiries to the communities account. You will be answered, just please be patient. Thank you.

:pointr: Inactive accounts WILL be removed from the lists.

Severely inactive or banned club/group accounts will be removed from communities with out notice. So please keep your accounts active and do not get your club or group banned from devART!

:pointr: Do NOT comment on the journals.

RECIPIENT: communities
SUBJECT:  Catagory (e.g. Anime/Manga; Music; Writers; Photographers; etc)

BODY:  : dev MyClub :  
            "This is what my club is for" (e.g. "A club for fans of the color Pink")

Please support us in some way...we are very busy people who are doing you a service.   

:iconmysh: :iconebonred: :iconmikenno: :iconfaucet: :iconduckies:

Special thanks to
For the Banners and ID :heart:


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